Our philosophy

Trust and probity

With our consumers and partners both in and outside the company we strive to establish long-term partnerships based on trust, mutual respect and appreciation.


We only use raw materials of the best quality for producing foods with high nutritional value, furthermore we operate a strict quality control system.

Business ethics

Our company is committed to transparency, meritocracy and ethical business conduct.

Innovation and continous development

The very foundation and strategy of our company was driven by innovation. We ensure constant development of our products and workflows through research and technological investments.

Social and environmental responsibility

In order to support sustainable development we are committed to research and technological development in reinforcing the company’s future-oriented and responsibly sensitive behaviour regarding the environment and society.

Legal compliance

Since our company wishes to be present in numerous markets worldwide, we pay special attention to achieve full compliance with national regulations. Our Code of Conduct binds us to operate in an honest and socially responsible manner, being in compliance with national regulations and tax legislations.