GMOZERO® Organic Strong Wholegrain Spelt Mix

gmozero, organic, wholegrain, spelt, flour mixGMOZERO® Organic Strong Wholegrain Spelt Mix
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Ingredients: 100% Organic & Certified GMO-free Wholegrain Spelt Wheat Flour

Our organic, wholegrain Spelt Flour Mix has been created so that you can bake the perfect loaf every time. All our flour mixes have the distinctive, nutty flavour of Spelt along with an exceptionally pleasing texture. Unlike common wheat, Spelt has not been hybridised or chemically altered and remains as simple and hardy as it was when it was first introduced to Europe.


GMOZERO® - Our Spelt Flour Mixes are versatile, delicious, nutritious and easy to digest, making them an excellent alternative to conventional wheat. A wide range of bakery products can be baked from our GMOZERO® Organic Premium Spelt Flour Mixes, including many different kinds of bread, croissants, rolls, crackers and biscuits.


100% Organic & Certified GMO-free Wholegrain Spelt Wheat Flour

A controlledGMO-free product
Verified organically produced(HU-ECO -01)
ISO 9001Certified

Allergy Advice

Made from Spelt Wheat Flour (Contains Gluten)

Nutritional Information (100 g)

Energy KJ/Kcal
2,78 g
- of which saturates
0,78 g
64 g
- of which sugars
3 g
8 g
11,6 g
0,01 g


To keep your flour at its best, roll down the top after use and store in a cool dry place.
Best Before Date
6 month
Packaging Type
5 kg (paper bag)

Quality: We regularly test our crop to ensure that our produce meets the highest quality standards. Spelt flour is a healthy and nutritious choice; it is a sustainable wholegrain for the twenty first century, and its popularity is growing.

Our Mission: GMOZERO® is a philosophy and business project committed to building and safe-guarding sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and our customers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.

Our Belief: Everyone has the right to know what their food contains and deserves access to non-GMO food choices.

Our Guarantee: At GMOZERO® our goal is to ensure that only GMO-free products are produced and supplied by us from the farm to the table. This is achieved by rigorous, ongoing analytical testing of raw materials at critical points throughout the supply chain, to verify that GMO contamination is below our GMOZERO® production standards and threshold.